5 Proactive Steps Co-Op Boards Takes Steps To Protect Their Shareholders

Here are 5 proactive steps your Co-op Board can take to ensure the security, safety, and well-being of its members.

1. Establishing a security task force: This task force was created to assess existing building maintenance and safety protocols. They identified any potential weaknesses or threats that needed to be addressed.

2. Strengthening access control systems: The board implemented more stringent requirements for gaining access into the building, such as key fob entry for residents and visitor sign in policies for guests.

3. Adding emergency response teams: Security personnel were added around the clock to respond to any emergency situation.

4. Installing surveillance cameras: Cameras were installed throughout the building in order to monitor and record unauthorized activity.

5. Conducting regular safety drills: The board regularly scheduled fire and safety drills so that both staff and residents were prepared for any potential danger.

These steps will clearly demonstrate the Board’s effort in putting preventative measures that can be taken at a community level to protect its members and property from harm. By taking these steps, the board is helping ensure a safe environment for all of its residents, protecting them from tragedies before they happen. Making your co-op a desired location.

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