5 Easy Steps To Winterize Your Apartment

5 Tips To Winterize Your Apartment

With winter weather fast approaching, it’s important to take the right steps to make sure your home is properly prepared. Your super and property management team can help you winterize your apartment in five easy steps.

First, caulk around windows and doors to prevent drafts from entering or warm air from escaping. Inspect door sweeps and install new ones if necessary. 

Second, check your windows for any cracks or holes in the frames that could allow cold air to come inside. Install plastic window coverings over the glass, as this creates an extra barrier of protection against the cold outside temperatures. 

Third, make sure all pipes and exposed water lines are insulated with foam covers or insulation wraps so they don’t freeze during frigid nights. 

Fourth, add weather stripping along thresholds and door jams to keep warm air indoors and cold air outdoors.

Finally, By following these five easy steps, you can be sure that your home is prepared for whatever winter brings. Management has the knowledge and experience to provide expert advice when it comes to winterizing your apartment. Don’t wait until the cold sets in, by taking these steps, you can ensure that your apartment is properly sealed against any weather-related elements and remain comfortable throughout the colder months. Winterizing your apartment will save you money on energy bills and keep you cozy all season long!

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We are family-owned-and-operated firm that provides a wide range of management services for clients in the Tri-state metropolitan area. We offer a comprehensive pre-rental analysis to optimally price the property, interior and exterior inspections, in-house maintenance, building violation corrections, accounts payable and receivable, and 24/7 emergency service. 

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