Why you should use a visitor management system in 2022 and beyond

As we move into 2023, the future of the workplace and visitors’ expectations is rapidly changing. Workplace software can help you.

Think about your customers. What’s their most valuable asset?

For most, it’s property. Whether residential or commercial, property is their biggest monetary investment. And with so much at stake, it’s essential to ensure that this asset holds its value.

Without proper maintenance, the condition of a property will degrade and this, in turn, will quickly impact value – and not in a good way!

But this can easily be avoided with planned preventative maintenance.

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What is planned preventative maintenance?

Planned preventative maintenance – or PPM, as it’s well known – is maintenance that you take care of regularly in line with a schedule. As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed – and, put simply, PPM involves taking a proactive approach to maintenance. It helps to preserve a property’s condition, prevent problems from occurring, and avoid future failures or breakages.

Reactive maintenance, on the other hand, takes place after something goes wrong or there is a breakdown, resulting in costly emergency repairs or expensive replacement.

Why is planned preventative maintenance important?

When it comes to maintaining the condition and value of a property, planned preventative maintenance is essential.

The benefits of PPM are obvious. PPM ensures all aspects of a property operate safely and efficiently, and for as long as possible.

More specifically, a well-implemented PPM schedule will inevitably reduce reactive maintenance costs. But it’s not only the financial advantages that make a PPM schedule a ‘must have’. There are a range of other significant benefits, including:

  • Added value. A property that has fallen into disrepair will inevitably decline in value, so ensuring the building and its amenities and fixtures are regularly maintained will enhance the asset.
  • Increased safety. From mitigating a trip hazard caused by an uneven walkway to averting the potential for absolute disaster if a smoke alarm is not working, planned preventative maintenance can increase safety by resolving a wide range of safety risks.
  • Improved efficiency. Planned preventative maintenance can help some appliances, like air conditioners, hot water systems, and lighting run more efficiently and reduce ongoing running costs.
  • Longer life span. Both interior and exterior aspects of the property can benefit from planned preventative maintenance, resulting in an extended life span for fixtures, fittings and the building as a whole.
  • Less stress. Emergency repairs are not only time-consuming to deal with, they can also cause angst for everyone involved. Planned preventative maintenance can reduce stress for everyone by lessening the chance that an unexpected problem will pop up.

How does PPM work in real life?

It’s a common misconception that planned preventative maintenance is unnecessarily costly. After all, why spend money on something when nothing is wrong? But, without PPM, a property is at higher risk of degradation of fixtures and fittings and the unforeseen breakdown of appliances.

Here are a few examples of how PPM can save money in the long run.

Roof inspections

When you think about the level of protection a roof provides to a property against everything Mother Nature has to offer, it’s natural to expect that it will experience some wear and tear.

Overhanging tree branches can cause cracks in the shingles during high winds. Hail can punch holes in roofing materials and cause extensive damage. Heavy rain can seep into roof cavities where flashing or sealing has deteriorated. And ongoing exposure to the elements can lead to a general deterioration of roofing materials.

Ignore any of these problems for too long and a partial or complete roof replacement may be required, costing thousands of dollars – or even tens of thousands of dollars. But by identifying them early through regular roof inspections and maintenance as part of a PPM schedule, the cost reduces substantially. After all, isn’t it preferable to replace a few tiles or seal a few areas than replace the entire roof?

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