Proactively Tackle The Potential Fire Risk From E-Bikes

Risk from e-bikes

With the rise of e-bikes, Co-op and Condominium face a whole new fire risk. This is how Venture NY Property Management is stepping in to help their buildings address this issue and takes steps to mitigate any potential damage.

Co-op and Condo Boards can take several steps to help protect their property from the fire risk associated with e-bikes. 

First, Require that all e-bike batteries are labeled clearly with a manufacturer’s name, battery type, voltage, and wattage rating. This is an important step for ensuring that only certified batteries are used in electric bikes and scooters. 

Second, Co-ops and Condos boards should ensure that any bike or scooter parked on the property be tested to meet all relevant industry safety standards. 

Finally, building staff should regularly inspect and maintain all charging points within their building or complex to avoid any potential fire hazards.

By following these simple steps, Co-ops and Condos can help protect their property from the fire risk associated with e-bikes. Taking these precautions now will not only reduce the chances of a fire occurring in the future, but also ensure that all residents feel safe and comfortable living in their building. It is ultimately up to the property management company and the Board to work together to prevent any potential fire risks from e-bikes–so take action today!

Additional tip: We strongly advise our Boards to look into creating guidelines and regulations for the proper storage and use of e-bikes on their property. These could include designated parking areas, charging protocols and safety requirements. By enacting these rules, they can help to ensure that all e-bike users are using their vehicles safely and responsibly. This will ultimately help to reduce the fire risk from e-bikes even further.

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